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Unique Eden Customer Service

C/O La Marquise Clément SA

Rue de Gruyères 9,

1630 Bulle, Switzerland

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You can find our sustainable jewelry exclusively at La Marquise in Fribourg, Bulle and Vevey:

Vevey Old Town

More than a visit, you will travel through time in this unique place and its century-old fresco covering the ceiling.

Rue du Lac 35, 1800 Vevey (view map)

Fribourg, mon amour.

Immerse yourself in our workshop-boutique in the heart of Fribourg, where we create our sustainable jewelry. You will be welcomed by the music of craftsmanship played by our jewellers.

Rue de Lausanne 67, 1700 Fribourg (view map)

Bulle, Heart of Gruyère

Discover our boutique in the historical center, just a stone's throw away from the Castle.

Bulle, Rue de Gruyères 9, 1630 Bulle (view map)

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