We are Emily and Dung, founders of Unique Eden, an ethical and eco-friendly jewelry brand from Switzerland.

In 2016 we took over the family-run jewelry business in Switzerland, which was founded in 1973. As eco-minded persons, we started directly to work only with recycled gold. But that wasn’t enough for us, we wanted a bigger change in our business and really change people’s minds! So we started Unique Eden to go far beyond the standards of the jewelry industry: we only use recycled gold and lab-grown gemstones for all the jewelry we create.

We only use recycled gold and gemstones that are created in lab environment for all the jewelry we create.

We don't use gold or gemstones that require mining because of its impact on the planet and the unhealthy working conditions linked to mining don't reflect our values.

To minimize our impact on the planet, all our jewelry alos comes with recycled gift boxes and shipping packaging. We deliver them worldwide with carbon neutral and free shipping services.

For all the jewelry we create, we only use recycled gold, lab-grown swiss diamonds and colored gemstones (sapphires and spinels) cultivated in Switzerland.


Ethical and ecological, we only use recycled 18K gold. Our recycled gold can come from different sources such as: post-consumer material, old jewelry or metals for industrial use.

Gold can in fact be recycled and refined back to its original purity: a perpetual and sustainable circle for jewelry!

So-called ethically sourced diamonds are mined diamonds that come from controlled origin to address the ethical issues caused by mining. Unfortunately, it still implies mining and its detrimental consequences to the environment.

Lab-grown diamonds offer a sustainable and ethical alternative as they are chemically, physically and optically identical to their mined counterparts.

We use lab-grown diamonds in D, E and F color, the 3 most desired and we only use diamonds in VS clarity or better.

All our diamonds exceeding half carat come with a certificate from Swiss Diamond Lab, a leading company in creating a new diamond generation.

From us to you: we design and create our own jewelry in Switzerland.

Our jewelry is available online on www.uniqueeden.com and on Instragram. Additionnaly, you can find our jewelry exclusively in our shops La Marquise below in Switzerland.

Bulle, Rue de Gruyères 9 (view map)

Fribourg, Rue de Lausanne 67 (view map)

Vevey, Rue du Lac 35 (view map)

We ship all our jewelry with carbon neutral services and free of charge wherever you are on planet earth!

Want to get in touch with us? You can send us your request :

By email: info@uniqueeden.com

On our website: contact form.

Of course! We’ll gladly send you more pictures of our jewelry in different viewing angles or different combinations.

Just contact us and let us know what you need.

You need other eco-friendly jewelry creations, wedding rings or other ideas? We can do it too ! Just get in touch with us and together, we will create a unique jewel that matches your personal beliefs.

Everything is possible if it’s sustainable!