Swiss Revolution at the Fashion Week

On February 24th, the Fashion Week runway was the manifesto of a necessary transformation in the luxury industry. We unveiled a unique collaboration with Joanie Ecuyer, proving that it is possible to radiate elegance without harming our planet and its inhabitants.

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CoCo Création's universe

Joanie Ecuyer is a Swiss fashion designer, rising star in upcycling and zero-waste fashion. Her collection for the Milano Fashion Week draws inspiration from layers, as if our bodies, lives and thoughts were endlessly peeling like onions.

She debuted her first two collections at the Vancouver Fashion Week, followed by the Paris Fashion Week, earning features in several renowned magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.

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Recycled Gold and Swiss Gemstones

Launched in 2020 by Emily and Dung Lam, Unique Eden is our pioneering Swiss brand offering sustainable jewelry. "For us, true luxury is wearing jewelry that reflects the beauty of the individual while respecting their surroundings: both humanity and nature." Each piece is a manifesto of style and responsibility, 100% Swiss from design to creation and sustainable materials.

The collection unveiled at the Milano Fashion Week is inspired by the strength of the legendary Goddesses. Our jewelry is forged from recycled materials, crafted and hammered with determination, blending nobility with the absolute respect for humanity and nature. Because there is a goddess in every woman, as she forges her own destiny with choice and determination.

Our sustainable approch

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Swiss Made. Swisstainable

We are the first to offer 100% Swiss jewelry, from creation to materials.

You deserve it. Our planet deserve it.

Swiss made

Recycled gold

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