Care for the Earth

Unique jewelry that feels better. For your and our planet.

In order to give back to our planet, we are proud to collaborate with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. They not only support reforestation projects in the Amazon rainforest but also help local populations in their efforts for a sustainable development.

For each Unique Eden jewel sold, 5 new trees will be planted in the Amazon River Bassin.

You will contribute to:

  • Protecting and restoring primary forests to stabilize the climate
  • Conserving habitat for the Amazon Rainforest's wildlife
  • Providing sustainable livelihoods to local population

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Swiss Made. Swisstainable

We are the first to offer 100% Swiss jewelry, from creation to materials.

You deserve it. Our planet deserve it.

Swiss made

Recycled gold

Swiss gems