Diamonds should be Earth's best friend

Swiss Made. Swisstainable

We are the first to offer 100% Swiss jewelry, from creation to materials.

You deserve it. Our planet deserve it.

Swiss made

Recycled gold

Swiss gems


Swiss Made

To offer you ethically made jewelry with the highest level of craftsmanship, we create our jewelry in our workshop in Fribourg, Switzerland. In this way we can guarantee responsible and sustainable production in line with our values, combined with the highest swiss standards and know-how.

You will feel better with our creations. So will our planet.

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Swiss Recycled gold

There is no gold mining without environmental destruction and ethical issues, even with labeled gold. In addition to the release of toxic chemicals into our ecosytem, there are too often dangerous and unhealthy working conditions in gold mining activities, despite responsible mining standards. (May 2023: 27 people killed in gold mine in Peru)

To preserve both human and nature, we only use gold that has been recycled in Switerland.

You will experience the ultimate luxury: to feel better with exploitation-free jewelry.

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Diamonds are forever. So is their impact.
"Digging up 250 tons of earth to find 0.2 gram of diamond no longer makes sense."
Emily, co-founder

Swiss Made. Swiss Gemstones

In a similar way to gold mining, mining of gemstones have caused the destruction of entire ecosystems in addition to human rights abuses. Unfortunately even ethically sourced gemstones can't prevent the human and ecological cost because they require new mining.

These are the reasons why we have decided to only use lab-grown gemstones. They offer stunning beauty while being more sustainable and ethical than their mined counterparts.

We use lab-grown colored gemstones created at the foot of the Swiss Alps for their quality, beauty and hypnotizing colors. Our swiss diamonds are expertly grown on the edge of Lake Geneva with green energy.

Swiss craftsmanship and sustainability. For you and for our planet.

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