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Recycled gold

There is no gold mining without environmental destruction and ethical issues, even with labeled gold. In addition to the release of toxic chemicals into our ecosytem, there are too often dangerous and unhealthy working conditions in gold mining activities.

To eliminate this devasting impacts, we only use 100% recycled gold for all the jewelry we create. Gold can in fact be recycled and refined back to its original purity: a perpetual and sustainable circle for jewelry!

We want to go further than so-called "Fairtrade" or "Fairmined" gold labels because they can't garantee sustainability. Guess where and why do they mine? Exactly, where gold can be found, not because they care about the environment.

Recycled gold is simply the only gold that is fair to our planet.

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Why lab-gemstones are the only sustainable alternative?
Because 250 tons of earth has to be extracted for 0.2 gr of mined diamond.

Our stones

In a similar way to gold mining, poor regulation and the irresponsible mining of gemstones have caused the destruction of entire ecosystems in addition to human rights abuses. Even "ethically sourced" gemstones can't prevent the destruction of the environment because they require new mining.

These are the reasons why we have decided to only use lab-grown gemstones for all our jewelry. They offer a sustainable and ethical alternative as they are chemically, physically and optically identical to their mined counterparts.

For our colored gemstones, we use lab-grown crystals from Switzerland for their quality, beauty and hypnotizing colors. All our lab-grown diamonds come from Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world.

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